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do you ever wonder what would have happened if the dursleys had actually managed to hide harry’s identity from him until he turned 17

like dumbledore somehow lost track of them when vernon changed jobs or when they moved houses, and for some reason they just couldn’t find them again

and harry potter the boy who lived grew up attending typical schools and his friends knew that sometimes weird shit would happen around him, but they just thought it was a coincidence or that they were imagining it but slowly they all left him and he grew up even more isolated and angry and so he runs away at 16

and meanwhile voldemort knows harry ran away and that he is out there somewhere, vulnerable, but he’s not in the wizarding world, so his death eaters are wreaking havoc trying to find him

and harry obviously has magical talent but he doesn’t know that, but every child in hogwarts does and they’ve learned about him and now know that he’s just out there somewhere, completely unaware of what’s going to happen to him

and some kids it doesn’t bother, but for others like neville and hermione and luna and ron, it’s horrifying to think that this innocent person who should be in their year is going to be hunted down like this

so they decide to go find him before voldemort or the death eaters can

and harry is in a train station on his way to work and is converged upon by about six people who are trying their hardest to not freak out and tell him that he’s a wizard in grave danger, but they know they have such little time

so instead of the wizarding world finding harry at 11, it finds him at 16 and a half when it’s in a much darker, desperate place

i don’t know i just really like the idea of harry potter joining the wizarding world through a bunch of rebellious hogwarts dropouts hiding throughout england and running from enemies he didn’t know he had and learning magic along the way in dark alleys and through street fights

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love people on here who take smartly written/sad/scary scenes from children’s movies or tv and say shit like “wow how is this for kids?”

as if kids aren’t capable of intelligent thought and dealing with negative emotion?

as if kids can’t tell right from wrong?

like cartoons aren’t all supposed to be fucking rainbows and sunshine 24/7 how does that teach anything? and even so that’s bad writing.

kids deserve intelligent media too. anything else is insulting.

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My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think our neighbors hate us


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